Balloon Designs

Balloon designs

Design and Go

These options are designed to be as client friendly as possible!  Pick your colors and theme and we’ll do the rest.


Garlands are the building blocks to almost all of our designs.  The flow and shape of these are amazing on their own but add them to one of our  arches or backdrops peices and you will have an instant photo op!

wedding balloon designs
Balloon designs WI

Arches & Backdrops

Our Arch Structures & Backdrops provide the instant frame to create a vinette with your balloon garlands.  Awesome for Insta worthy photos and beautiful enough to act as your wedding arbor.

Balloon Arches & Columns

Balloon Arches & Columns are a staple in balloon decor options.  They create borders and focal points for an event.  They also grab the eye get your guests ready to enjoy.   

corporate balloon designs