Our garlands can be hung on a wall, staircase, ceiling, porch railing, tree, or any other surface we can tie to.  They can also be paired with one of our Balloon Backdrops for a free-standing option.

Garland Size Guide

Additional lengths can be ordered for custom designs.  6ft is our minimum length.  
wedding balloons

6ft Garland

8ft Garland
wedding balloons
10ft Garland

Garland Pricing

wedding balloons

Standard Garland

$21 per foot

Standard Garland uses all latex balloons ranging from 5″-16″ to create a wonderful POP!

wedding balloons

Starburst Garland

$25 per foot

Starburst garlands use latex balloons ranging from 5″-16″ and have the addition of our signature starburst balloons to add that extra dynamic!

Poppin’ Garland

$27 per foot

 The Poppin’ Garland use latex balloons ranging from 5″-16″.  Additional foil accent balloons, themed balloons, and all the POP are included!

Fresh Garland

$29 per foot

Our Fresh Garland incorporates fresh greenery or baby’s breath into your garland to give texture, romance, and lush vibes!  Stunning for weddings and showers.